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A True Breeder
fwerwer9.gif (7596 bytes)
Sonogram of eight SureFire pups
A true breeder is one who will go without sleep to whelp her puppys after  planning a good strong breeding. One who  watches anxiously over the birth process and then afterwards over every little waggle or cry.  A true breeder will disregard birth fluids and put mouth to mouth to save a newborn, litterly blowing life into a tiny helpless creature, that is often the culmination of a lifetime dream.  With this said, many of my days and nights have been spent in a whelping box, with knees and back given out, totally exhausted, but none the less you will still find me sleeping there watching those pups grow with a smile on my wrinkled face and much love and warmth in my heart.
Nap Time For All !
SureFire Just Do It Niki and her pups
Niki is a really good Mom..
      Whelping box in the puppy area of my dog room. 
         SureFire Hot Flash just loves her pups. 
Niki with a final feeding. 
Pups learning to eat dry food.
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